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Squashing multiple commits in Vim with visual block command in Terminal

Screenshot of many commits in Terminal

Steps to squash multiple commits in Terminal using Vim

  1. git rebase -i HEAD~5 (5 or however many commits you had, differing from master)
  2. Put the cursor highlight on the SECOND commit using your arrow keys.
  3. To enable visual block, do CRTL + V
  4. Use DOWN arrow keys to highlight pick for each commit (not including the commit you want to squash the other commits into).
  5. Press f for fixup (or s for squash - this depends on the command you want to use)
  6. Exit visual mode by pressing Esc.
  7. When you do :wq to exit Vim, the fixups will be filled in for you automatically, removing the need to do it manually for each commit.

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